about us

Amplifying and Powering Black Women's Ownership

Company Curators is a media-tech company that amplifies and powers the stories of black women's journey toward ownership of time, talent, and identity to change the landscape of success in business and entrepreneurship around the globe.

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Why we are here

To make the success of exceptional black women no longer the exception.


Our personality

Bold presence informed by embracing imperfection and experimentation. Radical - but not. Disruptive in a good way. Creator of bigger dreams.


What makes us different

By Black women for black women. 

A company’s success is bound up in the community’s success. And community equity investment means if Company Curators wins, everyone wins. 

Holistic approach (Spirit, Finance, Social-Emotional, Technical). 

Offering value for free. 

Quantum thinking and action.

Culture of confidence and care

Community is constructed around collective freedom.

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