To the corporate woman wanting to leave her 9-5 and answer the calling on her life.

What if you abandoned what you believed was true? And I really don't mean that in like a, Hey, let's go jump off of the bridge because gravity doesn't exist type of deal. But what if some of the things that you held onto and I'm going to move very personal that I held on to about what success looks like professionally, what I needed to do to move up the ladder in corporate, who I needed to be to live out my own business on my own terms. What if the things that we believe to be true, weren't real at all?

I've been thinking about this whole thing. Over the past couple of months, I literally have gone silent. You haven't heard much from me on social media. If you're on my email list, you haven't heard much from me in real life, unless you are super, super, super close, but that's because I have been on this journey of reexamining what's really true.

And not only re-examining what's true, but spirit-led. I am a woman of faith examining what should be true and what of the past needs to be burned. So right now, today I am a woman who grew up in corporate America. Who knew what it was to put on whatever needed to be put on, whether it was the language I spoke, the way I dressed, the way I carried myself, the watch of my tempers, to not be perceived as an angry black woman, whatever it is.

I knew what it took to be dressed in what meant success. And what I believed turned into success in that realm. One of the things I also did unknowingly as my path traveled and I recognized my value. I recognized my brilliance. I stepped into it when I stepped into my business and stepped into it full time. I took with me some stuff that I also believed to be true.

Things like, well, as a black woman, again, everything matters, when you're thinking about the company that you're building, that you're leaving that good corporate job for. Ooh, it better be one that seems impressive. Impressive to who? But it better be one that seems impressive. When you think about the clients that you're going to get, if you happen to have white clients, you've won.

I want you to just listen to that because these are things whether consciously or unconsciously I held and believed to be true. As if these things form the foundation that would forever help me understand and be a guiding light for the path that I took. Oh, when you start your business, you get a coach that resembles success. I never had a black coach, never had a female coach until later down the line. What I saw was very unconscious choices of, male, white, male, Asian male. These are the things that represent success in corporate. Did I see people in the upper levels that looked like me? No, no, no executives, they have a standard.

White male, Asian male. These are literally the things that I saw. I'm not saying that there were conscious choices to say, oh, I'm going to get me somebody that looks like that. They were things that I was carrying as beliefs unconsciously, because of what I saw.

Fast forward, having a business, supporting other women and how they build their businesses and escape that rat race.

It’s something to carry an identity and a belief system that you unconsciously didn't realize. And now when you have to care for others, that's some responsibility. And so in these past couple of months that I've been quiet, literally quiet God has dealt with me in such an important and rich area.

1. I carry an assignment that has the responsibility for others, freedom.


2. I have the responsibility to myself and my future generations, right? My children, my daughters that watch, people in the community that watch. Taking some time to be clear on the things that are really true, the identity that really belongs to me matters more than anything as a predictor of my success.

And guess what? It's not just limited to my success. It matters for yours too. So here's the thing, when we talk about growing up in corporate, climbing the ladder, giving our in and out and everything to the nine to five and feeling overlooked, feeling like there's more that you have to give, but you can't quite touch it, feeling like you're making all this money for someone else, but where is your cut for your brilliance? All these things are real.

All these things have a set of beliefs that I'm willing to guess that you carried with you but have somewhat disappointed you off and on. As a black woman, if I make sure I'm carrying myself in the way, that makes me seem unique because I am beautiful. I'm black, but on the other hand, not threatening, maybe that gives me the foot in to go farther up the ladder. If I carry with me the need to which we all have heard it… Be twice as good. I expect to have to fight on this journey to get to success. So I just continue to accept the things that come my way as things that are supposed to happen. And I pushed through it, anyway.

All of these narratives, especially as black women, and you may be reading this blog and you may not be a black woman. Here is the opportunity right now at this moment to understand a level of truth, that to get intimate and know it, benefits everybody. I don't care who you are.

When you think about being in corporate and wanting to get out, wanting to see this freedom, wanting to take full ownership of your time, your talent, your identity and not just saying it. Some of that means letting go of what we thought was true. Some of that means really becoming the person that we're meant to be without all the identity and stipulations that we've had to wear just to survive on the job, in the workplace.

As you think about how you lift yourself up and get in your hands, that business, that's been calling your name, that business doesn't allow you to sleep at night, because if it's not coming to you in a dream, there's somebody else tapping you on the shoulder saying, what are you going to do? Such-and-such and what about such and such? And, oh my gosh, I thought about you about such and such.

You know that the thing that keeps finding you in the most random times and the random places, this calling, this assignment. It could be a restaurant, food truck, mindset business, financial literacy course, so many assignments out there but we need silence. Because as I took the time in silence and reflection, I realized how much time I was spending living up to other people's beliefs. I was carrying what other people believed about success and what was necessary for me.

Also me:

I was interested in that.

Capable of that.

I've got the skills to do that.

So let me go and do it. I know what it is to start and stop multiple businesses along the way, but what's interesting and this is what sat with me hard when you get to a space where you say, God, I hear you. There's a calling that I'm supposed to do. I may keep rolling over in the middle of the night. Like I'm not really prepared for that or you're showing me this thing that I should do, but I can't really see the way, like, maybe it's not really for me, maybe a few years down the road, maybe I need to go get certified to do that thing. Maybe I'm not ready yet. Maybe I'm not qualified. All these things are very real when there is an assignment, not just something that you're interested in starting to make a little cash, but when there is an assignment in front of you. Here's a little secret, the things that you need to bring that assignment to life, when it is divine, it is already present!

And you may say, Candace, Okay. Yeah, get it. But, I can't really see that, like, I can't touch that. I can't, I can't feed myself with that. I cannot, I can't process that, but already present? What does that mean? It's already there! It's a matter of whether or not you choose to align the actions that go deeper into that assignment.

That hit me like a ton of bricks. I will tell you that many of you are familiar with the podcast ambition, honey, and hustle. It took me an entire year before I ever created a business offer that could serve people at the level that I served them in the podcast. And do you understand why? And by the way, this podcast had sat in my spirit, the content. I will talk to people endlessly about business because I am a lover of business, second about ownership and how you really take your value and make it your own and put it into the world.

And yet I, myself, unequipped, unready, Lord, I hear you, but not yet on an assignment that I was meant to do all the while, I was doing stuff that I was capable of and interested in and oh, by the way, sounded good. The marketing agency, touching people and real estate. These sound great. And, and I've got clients and, and they look this way and it sounds great. All a bit of a distraction from this thing, that's calling me, that I'm playing with it on the side. And so this has become a work that has to go forward and over the next 60 days, I and my team are intentionally looking to take 200 women into their assignment.

I'm talking about the women who are no longer saying I'm just going to play around with this thing to make money and hopefully that gets me out of my job. To the women who are bold enough to say, I know there is something planted inside of me that has to come out. And I believe and trust that this is what I'm meant to do. I will have the things I need when I walk in the action. And so those women, and if you are one of those women, and I am talking to you that I want you to be one of the 200 women that are on assignment, that we walk together closely, because assignment level is different from interest level work, no right or wrong, but they're different.

When you are on assignment and there is God-given work that is for you to do there is an impact on the other side of that, there are resources on the other side of that, there is need on the other side of that. For those of us that continue to stand in things that we believe to be true that do not serve us, things that feel like they should be true, that hold onto us tight, we need to let go of identities that we hold on to wrap up in for survival. That's a real thing for safety. That's a real thing. But taking off to put on an, execute an assignment, that's where we're going.

You don't want to miss it. I don't want to miss you. We'll see you soon.

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