The Emotional Realities of The Great Resignation And How To Operate From A Place of Self Trust

What is the great resignation and why is it happening? The Great Resignation, also known as the Big Quit, is the ongoing trend of employees voluntarily leaving their jobs, from spring 2021 to the present, primarily in the United States. Now why it's happening is truly magical in my opinion. And the simple answer is OWNERSHIP! And no I'm not just speaking about owning a business. Because that's great also but this ownership is DEEPER. So deep I talking about owning it all. Their Time, Identity, and Freedom. It's what I've been preaching all along. Owning your time, identity, and seizing freedom is truly transformational.

Women all across the globe are making their own rules and striving for far more than a paycheck, work trauma and etc. And if you've been thinking about joining the Great Resignation here are 3 Tips:

  1. Believe that your value and capability transcend the place(s) where you deliver it

  2. Moving into a new company, or becoming a freelancer or new business owner, can bring up feelings of joy for the opportunity ahead, but equally so feelings of doubt. “I was good in my role as XYZ, but am I really good enough for this new opportunity.”

  3. Know that the value you bring is not determined by where you bring it.

  1. Always remember you have options

  2. No one is holding you hostage to your current opportunity or the next one. So if you’re meeting emotions of regret, or “opportunity change remorse” know that there is always more opportunity. Opportunity for a different role, different contract, different client.

  3. Keep an attitude that your options are in abundance, and give space to explore what’s in front of you without the worry that you “need to make this work”

  1. Celebrate your courage and appetite for change

  2. Change is hard...there’s an entire industry dedicated to change management itself. So deciding to make a change that has an impact tied to your financial and family well-being, not many people have the courage to do so. But with any change is the uncovering of new and often better opportunities, and that alone deserves a celebration of what you are capable of and have the power to create.

  3. Know that you literally are an opportunity creator because of your willingness to make moves and being unafraid to explore.

May you put a date on it... meaning a resignation date!

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