A Manifesto

For Black women who are told they are both too much and not enough.

Those given one shot, and asked to be visible, but not.

don’t laugh, quiet down

code switch, share your crown

dim your light, tame your hair

don’t make waves, don’t try that here

Is your yes being stolen and no being ignored?

Quit following the unwritten rules and working for their authors.

Turn in a defiant resignation. Reject rigged terms and conditions.

There’s a path between you and this: one that’s fully expressed and blessed. An assignment based on divine alignment. You feel it, down deep in your bones. You know it like you know like you know. A different kind of hard ain’t easy, but we’re here to help you ease in. You are exceptional. And your success will no longer be the exception.

Company Curators Manifesto 2021

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