Cheers to a Holistic 2022!

Updated: Jan 1

We've been taken through the wringer for the last two years, between the pandemic that won't seem to go away, unemployment, and other icky stuff our breaks have been far and in between. We've hustled like never before. We've grown like never before. and We've persevered like never before.

I'm sure you are just as ready to say Hello to 2022 as I am. I truly believe that bigger and better awaits us in the new year. All the preparations, planning, and praying we've done are going to pay off. But before we say goodbye, I hope you are taking the time to reflect on the amazing things that happened to you and happened for you. I know we are here at Company Curators.

Here's our 2021 Review:

1. We got super focused on the assignment placed in our hearts and soul. Our assignment became so clear this year that it completely changed how we moved and operated. It was scary and I won't lie to you about that. As scary as it was, it was equally exhilarating and life-changing.

2. We completed our very first 30-day intensive sprint with over 10 women and the results were otherworldly. Within a week, breakthroughs, success stories, and receipts were created.

3. We launched our new membership, to stand side by side with more women who wanted to grow or start an assignment-based business. Holistic and Affordable was the main goal. Read More Here!

4. We held our first in-person retreat in Kiawah Island, SC. So much fun and sun.

2021 taught us a lot about ourselves as individuals but also as founders and CEO's. I hope like us you found out how resilient you are, how to trust yourself, how to always give yourself permission to soar, how to heal from workplace trauma, and how to acknowledge that it was time to move and own your time and freedom.


And before we go we have some business tips from the team!

From Colleen:

Here are my tips for 2022!

The long-term success of your business depends on big-picture thinking, grasping financials, and acting like a CEO. More importantly, it depends on:

  • Having clear goals. You may, for example, have the goal of becoming the leading content marketer in your country.

  • Stating measurable goals and crisp objectives. You could mention that you want to achieve “X” amount of revenue in the year.

  • Building a strategy to help you achieve these goals and objectives. Your strategy is the map that guides your business and helps answer critical questions:

  • Who are you going to target?

  • What is your competitive advantage?

  • What services will you provide?

List tactics that form part of your strategy. For instance, to become a leading content marketer you may decide to build expertise by publishing thought leadership articles on LinkedIn.

From Candace:

Here are my tips:

1. Getting clear on who you are and will choose to be as you lead your business forward: it’s easy to allow other people's vision to become your own if you haven’t taken the time for internal clarity. The world deserves what you create, so get your vision clear then rock ‘n’ roll.

Keep this in the front of your mind; “if I have five 10, 15 years to watch this business grow, what are my next moves?” Sometimes we treat business building like a sprint, when it really is a marathon. Give yourself grace, space, and time… It’s your baby care for her and watch her grow.

Tap into purpose and power bigger than you. Way bigger than you. The divine power of God is support in this journey, and more help than any human can provide. Know that you’re not alone, and act that way.

From Chasity:

1. In 2022 please please understand the importance of sharing your story. It's yours and it's made you who you are and the world needs to hear it. Clients want to connect on a deeper level with you and your business. They can get what you offer from other places but there's only ONE you with your STORY!

2. Focus on the transformations. Money is important but the transformation is truly where the gold is. You are transforming lives with what you offer. Never forget that. Never stop focusing on the transformation.

3. Content is QUEEN! gone are the days of listing your services in the yellow pages and waiting for someone to call... Social Media is the yellow pages. Select a platform and focus on cultivating your audience. Entertain, educate and connect.

Join the membership, if you'd like to connect with us some more or Follow us on Social Media!

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