A trend I'm seeing...

For the last couple of weeks, I've been seeing a trend... and not a good one. Now let me preface this before we get into it.. these are just the inner ramblings and then some practical tips will follow.

Ok now, this trend I've been seeing of women across all platforms, some we work closely with at CC and some I've never had contact with settling for safe and not taking advantage of opportunities that are right in front of them. And I cringe every single time. Literally every single time.

Picture me:


And I try to mind my business but the business that pays me is being in other's business and ensuring that if this is what you want that you aren't sleeping or settling for ANYTHING less than what you want.

I know running a business is not for the faint of heart. Sister, I've done it for over 3 years. I've had ups and downs, moments of sheer fear of the F word and I've also been very intentional of not letting an opportunity pass me by... because of the other F word.

And I also know there's a real fear of stepping out and getting uncomfortable. I know it because I lived it. I lived with the negative self-talk, the doubts, and then waiting for someone to clap for me to let me know I was on the right path.

A story, it was 2019 and I'd just hired my own business coach to help me get my writing coach company together. I was working hard and going in a circle. As I went through the process and as I allowed the process to work things started to change for me. And then one day my business coach offered me a small position in her company. I was immediately riddled with fear and thoughts of Why Me? Why would someone like Candace want me to help coach other women?

Truth is, I almost chickened out and said no. Who was I to be coaching someone else? Who was I to take part in a wonderful opportunity? My worth and values hadn't settled within me. I almost allowed fear and lies to creep in and rob me. I want you to know that those lies and fears are robbing you of making your impact and sharing that impact with the world. And fear is not something you'll be rid of forever but the best way to overcome fear is to take control of your thoughts and question them at every turn.

You are worth it. You aren't an imposter. You are an expert. You have permission.

When opportunities come around and you feel that tightness in your chest, that sweat forming take a deep breath and understand that NO doesn't mean never.

I know that there are 1 or 2 things that keep us from seizing the things in front of us.

Thing 1: We don't want to get a NO.

Thing 2: You don't feel like you are ready or imposter syndrome has crept in and shook you to the core.

You can't let those things win. Had I said No to Candace, I wouldn't be here in this capacity. I'd still be playing small and safe. Once you face your fear once, the next time becomes easier. You are building confidence each time you show up for yourself and put yourself out there.

Now for the tips:

  1. Get clear on your I help statement. Who and How are you transforming people?

  2. Share your I help statement on your platforms with the request of helping someone for FREE. (yes FREE!)

  3. Triage this person's pain point through meaningful conversation, do some listening.

  4. Help that person solve or transform them based on their pain point and your expertise. And I'm not saying give someone your finest course. If you work in the financial field give them some tips on what they need to do better with saving money. If you are a video editor, offer to take a look at a video and provide feedback.

  5. Collect that receipt via text, video, pigeon carrier IDC lol. What did they need? Where did they start? How did you help them? And how can you help the next person needing this transformation?

  6. Share that receipt or keep it for yourself. (I say share it but ayye you do you). Sharing the receipt will put you in a unique position to either create content based on this need or get more clients or start more conversations.


With this practice, you will be able to silence that voice in your head saying you aren't right for this or good enough. Because the receipts don't lie. Receipts are the way to remind yourself that you are an expert and that you deserve all opportunities that come your way. And these receipts are not about proving to others but all about proving to the person that really matters... YOURSELF. Now go create some receipts.

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