5 Beliefs That Keep You from Attacking Your Goals

Everyone has dreams, but not everyone makes their dreams into goals. You may have a few of these too. What are the reasons you tell yourself late at night to put the shutdown on making them a reality? These reasons are beliefs that you have, but that doesn’t mean they are valid reasons.

Because some of them may be valid, very valid. However, I want to highlight that valid doesn't mean impossible. Let me tell you a little bit about how I felt when I first decided I wanted to become an author.

I was deathly afraid of taking the first step because I had no formal education in writing. True enough I'd read enough books over my years but nothing to prepare me for what was to come. I often think back on my friend whispering to me in the hallway at work 'You've got a book in your belly.' I thought she was crazy, like really crazy but I also think about what if I'd never stepped out of my own thoughts about gifts. I was pushing 30 and it was too late for dreams and aspirations. I seriously thought that my dreams had a time limit.

Dreams are for young people and children.... this was a lie, bald-faced lie. You are allowed to dream no matter what age. You are allowed to chase those dreams and there is no age limit on it. Below I'll document some of the ways I almost stunted my own growth.


1. Not Enough Time

Everyone is busy these days. I was working a full-time job, a new wife, and a mother of 2. This was a crazy time but I made time for my vision and guess what it made time for me. When someone asks how you are doing, you probably respond with “Busy.” But that might not be the truth because busy doesn't always mean productive. Everyone has the same twenty-four hours in the day. For a week or maybe two, keep a time audit of how you spent your time. This includes sleeping, preparing and eating meals, social media, getting ready for work, cleaning your house. Take a good look at how your time is spent, and you might realize you have more time than you realize.

2. I Don’t Have ‘X’ Talent

It doesn’t matter if you want to write a book or paint a picture, you have as much talent as you are willing to work for. You may not have been born with the natural ability to paint, it doesn’t mean you can’t learn and practice. Because listen I had no professional skills in writing, but that didn't mean I didn't have a story to tell and it definitely didn't mean I couldn't learn. We are pulling expertise from every area, step, and person we come in contact with. My list of self-taught expertise is extensive!

3. After ‘X’ I Will Do It

“Once I get through this (insert tough project at work), I will start my business.” “After I lose twenty pounds, I will take a salsa dancing class.” Why are you waiting? Maybe that marathon training will help you work through the stress of that project at work. Perhaps salsa dancing lessons will allow you to realize that no matter your weight, your body is worthy of fun and sexy movement. If you have a goal, go for it now. Eventually may never come and I know it seems a little dark but with the way we are living, tomorrow isn't promised to any of us. Do it now!


4. I’m Not Good Enough

What ruler are you using to measure your “good enough”? You are always good enough to go after your own dreams and goals. If this is an internal dialogue, then you need to work on liking and loving yourself first. If this belief is coming from external sources, then consider those sources and if they are holding you back. And limit your time and conversations. You don't need a middle man for your dreams... go to the source.

5. ‘X’ Person Has it Easier

The grass is greener where you water it. Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. There are many sayings that sum up that you really don’t know what someone else is going through. So do not assume that someone has it easier, and therefore can achieve their goals while you cannot. That person may think you have it easier or better. A lot of people wondered how I managed to write so many books so quickly. I heard the whispers and saw the looks of OMG it's not that easy for me... but what they didn't see where the bags under my eyes, my kids fixing themselves dinner, or the fact that on numerous occasions I almost lost my job for working on the clock LOL. Run your own race, nothing worth having is without sacrifice and dedication.

Self-limiting beliefs can be a slippery slope. They can also keep you from even trying to reach your goals. Take time to examine your reasoning and come up with better beliefs to counter the negative ones. The truth will set you free. Speak life over your dreams and stay curious.

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