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To make the success of exceptional Black women no longer the exception.


Company Curators is a media-tech company amplifying and powering Black women to have greater ownership of their time, talents, and resources by creating their own companies.

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The world is waiting for you to step into your assignment. 

Because whatever you were called to do? 

There’s a reason why it’s calling YOU.

And once you’re in assignment, you’ll know it.

But how? We'll cover it in this free training.

And if you have an assignment waiting for you,

one that you have been pushing aside, waiting

until you're finally READY… then what it takes

to make the next step is spelled out in this training.

In this Masterclass, Candace Spears, co-founder of Company Curators shares the four pillars to take

your assignment business from tomorrow’s dream

to today’s reality. 

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Company Curators Manifesto

These are the words, the emotions, the justice, the mission, the vibe we consciously, beautifully ride in...

If these words resonate or you feel alliance, and ownership of your time, talent, and identity is important, then CC is exactly where you belong.

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...of surveyed black employees currently working remotely want a hybrid or full-time remote role going forward.

-Future Forum - March 2021

Now, imagine what it's like to build the companies and spaces in which you thrive and you own the place.

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Founder Success Stories

From doing 50X average per client revenue in 8 weeks to gaining clarity of assignment in 30 days and BOLDNESS to be visible after one week. The founders we support move forward in the business building work to be done.


With our top-rated podcast. Over 50,000 downloads of pure freedom audio resources. 

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Where we curate black voices, black business, and black media to secure Ownership

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